Things You MUST Know Before Going Vegan

Veganism has seen a gigantic rise in popularity in recent years – 600% in the US alone!

A vegan diet is not like your typical diet fad that comes and goes, this one’s here to stay. It used to be seen as an extreme to be a vegan but now with all the athletes and celebrities going vegan, it’s become more mainstream.

There are so many vegan alternatives at grocery stores and even non-vegan restaurants offering vegan options, that has made it so much easier for anyone to adopt a vegan diet.

I Went Vegan for the Animals but Stayed Vegan for Me

Welcome to my page! This is my first official post on the web real estate and I’m super excited to share my world of healthy vegan living with you! Maybe you’ve always struggled to lose weight and keep it off too. You’ve heard about veganism but…