10 Healthy Vegan Breakfast Recipes – Quick and Easy

Most of us want things done yesterday – whether that’s doing laundry, losing weight, hitting a work deadline, or even cooking a simple delicious meal.

You might sacrifice things like eating a nutritious breakfast with just grabbing a protein bar so that you’re not late for that morning appointment.

We live in a world where we never really stop to smell the roses because we’re always running behind on something.

We’re either running to or from work, school, gym etc – so we don’t always put the time and effort into making healthy meals.

As the saying goes, ‘the most important meal of the day is breakfast’.

It’s what fuels your day and gets you going no matter how chaotic the rest of your day is.

So it’s important to make sure you start with a meal that has all the nutrients you need for your body to take you through the rest of your day.

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