3 Reasons to Stop Eating Eggs Immediately

I used to love eggs! I liked it in every which way I could eat them – scrambled, over-hard, egg muffins and whatever new ways I found on Pinterest.

Eggs have probably been one of the most controversial topics in the health industry. One day you hear they’re good for you and the next you hear they’re not.

For the longest time, I thought they were good for you. Until one day I read an article that said the USDA has made it a LAW that the egg industry can’t use the words “healthy or nutritious”!

They can’t even use any derivatives of the word health or nutrition. That got me thinking why…

I went into search mode as I always do.

Well, the reason we don’t hear about these topics on the daily news is because of the American Egg Board. Who would’ve thought eggs need their own board??

Their mission is to “increase demand for egg and egg products on behalf of the US egg producers”. Which basically means they have their own agenda.

Just like when doctors used to promote cigarette smoking even though there was so much evidence pointing to the link between smoking and cancer. You get the idea.

If you want to be sure that the evidence you see out there isn’t biased, check to see if the research is funded by its industry board.

Since there’s a lot of money involved, the egg industry board wouldn’t want people talking bad about eggs. They even go as far as having million dollar marketing campaigns that promote eggs.

And slowly the same thing is happening with the egg industry. There’s obviously a reason why they’re not allowed to call eggs healthy or nutritious anymore.

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Here are 3 Reasons to Stop Eating Eggs Immediately:

1. Cholesterol Bombs

Our bodies naturally produce cholesterol it needs. Even though the cholesterol we consume only accounts for 10% of the cholesterol that clogs our arteries, it still increases our LDL (bad) cholesterol that our own bodies produce by 37-39%.

High cholesterol leads to cardiovascular diseases – the number one human killer.

I remember my grandmother always telling the story of how MUCH I loved eggs whites when I was a kid. She would make me eggs on the condition that I ate the yolk too. Even as a kid I knew there was something my body didn’t like about the yolk – which is where almost all the cholesterol is in.

Eggs are the single largest source of cholesterol in our diet – 215 mg worth of cholesterol per egg. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends only 300 mg per day so you’re already over the limit before you even finish your 3 egg breakfast!

Studies have shown that consuming the cholesterol in a single egg each day, can cut a woman’s life short as much as smoking 5 cigarettes a day would for 15 years?!! WHAT???

To avoid this, you can eat more fiber instead.

These researchers found that the only thing that helped women live longer was consuming more fiber. The benefits of fiber outweighed consumption of cholesterol.

Fiber is also a great catalyst in losing weight. Click here to find out the top 5 reasons why diets fail and how you can avoid them!

By consuming just one cup of oatmeal a day it extended the woman’s life the same as FOUR hours of jogging per week would do! I don’t know about you but jogging for four hours is hard, so I think I’ll stick to consuming more fiber instead 😉

2. Yucky Salmonella

What is Salmonella? It’s a bacteria that is a common cause of food poisoning.

Most people who are infected develop diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, and vomiting 12 – 72 hours after infection. Symptoms last anywhere between 4 to 7 days and most people get better without treatment. But in some cases, it can spread to the bloodstream and even cause death.

Basically, it’s chicken poop on your egg……. yuck!

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates 142,000 people are Salmonella-poisoned each year by consuming eggs.

The egg industry also can’t even call their eggs safe! They basically can’t tell you to have your eggs over-easy. Because any egg that is not fully cooked is considered unsafe for consumption according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Doesn’t that make you wonder how they’re still on the shelves? Maybe because it’s a $26 Million dollar industry! At least that’s how much it’s worth in Canada, and I’m sure it’s much higher in the US.

And knowing I have a slim chance of even dying from a certain food is enough to deter me from ever eating it again. But as a vegan, I can substitute eggs with a million other foods that are healthier for my body and yet my life is not threatened every time I eat it.

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3. The Ultimate Killer

You’ve might have already heard that heart disease is the number one killer.

Eggs increase the risk for heart disease and diabetes according to a meta-analysis done in 2013. It showed that those who consumed eggs had a 19 and 68 percent increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, respectively, compared to those who ate fewer eggs.

And for those who are already diabetics, their risk of developing heart disease from eating eggs jumped by 83 percent!

In another study, researchers found those who consumed the most eggs had a 41 percent increased risk of stroke, compared to those who consumed the least.

I’ve had deaths in my family from stroke, diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. So I specifically need to stay away from foods like eggs in order to decreases my chances of premature death.

Eating as little as 1 egg per week increases your chances of other deadly killers like cancer. But I’ll let you read up on those. Let’s just say the stats are not pretty.

3 Reasons to Stop Eating Eggs Immediately

We tend to eat whatever that’s in our diet out of habit and convenience. But after becoming a vegan and knowing the facts about how eggs end up on my plate, I consciously make the choice to not eat them.

And quite honestly I don’t miss them like I thought I would. I’ve learned to become creative with my meals. Even baking with egg substitutes like flax eggs, bananas, and aquafaba has been a lot of fun. Plus they’re much healthier for you.

If you’re at a higher risk of heart disease from other causes like smoking, already have heart disease, diabetes, then you should definitely stop eating eggs immediately. Don’t put more fuel on the fire.

Don’t forget that by consuming eggs, you’re helping support an inhumane ways of treating chickens to make all those eggs. And did you know that a normal chicken produces about 12-13 eggs per year vs the factory chickens that lay anywhere between 200-350 eggs per year?!! That’s heartbreaking, to say the least.

There are so many healthier breakfast alternatives to eggs. Try oatmeal, fruit yogurts, smoothies, pancakes, avocado pudding, chia seed pudding and the list goes on.

Here are a few of my favorite breakfast recipes that are easy to make, healthy and delicious!

The information is out there. You just have to look for it.

I’d love to hear your favorite go-to breakfast ideas that are a healthy alternative to eggs!

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I am a true believer in improving your health by what you do on a daily basis. I am a health advocate and believe that you can achieve any health-related goal based on your diet and daily habits. I am still relatively new (coming up on two years and counting!) to the vegan world and would love to take you with me on my journey!


  1. Erin | 21st Mar 19

    I have been eating eggs for breakfast almost everyday for the past year and I’ve recently tried to cut them out bc of the cholesterol concern. Your article came at the perfect time for me. Thanks for sharing what you have found out.

    • Ghazal | 23rd Mar 19

      I’m happy to help! Every little bit counts. All the new research points to cutting out eggs. You’ll thank yourself in the future 🙂

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